About Us

Judah is a market-leading manufacturer of Gypsum and lightweight steel Wall and Ceiling systems, as well as complementary accessories, including Access Panels and Plastering Beads.

We produce lightweight steel for internal plasterboard partition walls to create attractive spaces within a building and have a solution to comply with all relevant Building Codes for fire-rated, acoustic, seismic and load bearing requirements.

When it comes to external walls, we have a lightweight non-load bearing framing system that supports the building’s façade and offers a more cost-effective design option than traditional external wall framing construction methods.

Our tested and code compliant Ceiling Systems provide you with both concealed and exposed grid options to suit your projects’ requirements; including acoustic, fire-rated, wind-loading or seismic design requirements.

Customer satisfaction is important, and our company provides a range of services ensuring expectations are met or exceeded. Our experience in the industry is significant which is why we provide advance solutions.

Our company aims to provide the best support for construction projects and real estate investments through certified and tested products and our qualified professionals engineering team experienced to work with innovative customers of today and Commercial construction needs.

We strives to create and establish reliable construction solutions by listening to customers and their needs. Our company has a history within the industry because we value each relationship we build with customers and their unique visions.

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